Our Policies

Safety & Conduct

Risk Management

Over the off season we comprehensiveley reviewed our risk management. An initiative we completed was to articulate them simply so that they are read and understood. Everybody plays a part in risk management and safety, so we have set out the responsibilities and approach in each of the “Getting Started” sub menus.

Schools should read each of these so that they have an wholistic understanding of safety and risk mitigation becuase they have specific responsibilities under the Education Act.  We happily consult about matters of safety so if you see something that’s inconsistent with your school’s risk treatments we can help address it.


Racing is conducted by Yachting Australia accredited race officials following best practice safety measures developed for the sport, augmented by specific policies and practices that address specific risks and needs for school competitions. Some of these have been adapted from school policies held by GSV, APS and GPSV.


School Sailing is conducted under the standard Racing Rules of Sailing of the ISAF as modified by the prescriptions of and Special Regulations of Yachting Australia. For Primary Green Fleet racing we use the Introductory Racing Rules which are a simpler set of 10 rules and is more suitable for those just beginning racing.

Child Safety 

Australian Sailing – School Team Sailing Committee is committed to Child Safety. For more information please see below;

AS –  School Team Sailing Committee – Child Protection Policy


Code of Conduct

The Yachting Australia Member Protection Policy (MPP) applies at all School Sailing events and it applies to all members of any sailing club.

The policy document provides details on our policy and the associated procedures that support our commitment to eliminating discrimination, harassment, child abuse and other forms of inappropriate behaviour from our sport.

The MPP has a General Code of Conduct that applies to everyone, and specific Codes of Conduct, depending upon ones role in the Sport. For convenience, we’ve published them here as single page Codes.

B1 – General Code of Conduct

B2 – Administrator (Volunteer) Code of Conduct 

B3 – Coach and Instructor Code of Conduct

B4 – Sailing / Boating Participant Code of Conduct

B5 – Officials Code of Conduct

B6 – Parent\Guardian Code of Conduct

B7 – Spectators Code of Conduct

School’s and their School Sporting Association’s Codes of conduct also continue to apply to Students, Teachers, Coaches, Parents and Spectators