The 2016 School Team Sailing State Championships concluded over the weekend with an outstanding 32 schools competing in the event!

The annual competition saw three scheduled days of intense competitions in Divisions 1 and 2. Both Divisions battling it out for the glory of being forever engraved in the John Middleton (Div 1) or Helen Middleton (Div 2) Trophy!

Conditions were similar to last year in that we had too strong wind to compete all three days. Day 2 of the 3 day event was called off so racing for Division 1 began and finished on the Saturday. With the overload of races trying to make up for the day before a full round robin was completed but were unable to proceed into the finals. Final places were then determined by the overall round robin score.

A huge thank you goes out to all the volunteers, coaches, parents, captains, staff (School, Club, YV) and competitors for making this such a great event.


Divison 1 Results

1st St Bede’s

2nd St. Leonards

3rd Scotch

4th The Peninsula School

5th Brighton Grammar

6th Haileybury

5th Mentone

6th Haileybury

7th Mentone Grammar

8th St Michaels

9th Trinity Grammar

10th Xavier

11 Geelong Grammar School

Divison 2 Results

1st Toorak College

2nd Albert Park College

3rd McKinnon 1st, St Michael’s 2nds, St Leondards 2nds, Xavier 2nds, Scotch 2nds

4th Padua College

5th St Michael’s Grammar School 3rds

6th Albury High School

7th Cornish/Mornington

8th Brighton Grammar School 2nds

9th Firbank Girls Grammar School

10th St Michael’s 3rd

11th Geelong Grammar School 2nds

12th Albert Park College 2nds

13th Albert Park College 2nds

14th Trinity Grammar School 2nds

15th Star of the Sea College 1st

16th McKinnon Secondary College 2nds

17th Star of the Sea College 2nds

18th Dromana College

Other Awards

SSV – Albert Park College

GSV – Toorak College

APS – Scotch College

John Middleton Trophy – St Leonards 1st

Helen Middleton Trophy – St Leonards 2nd and St Michaels 2nd

Best Regional School – Albury High School

Most Improved School Dromana Secondary College